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It Started With Nut Butter


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Even though our products are DELICIOUS on their own, that is not the only way to eat them. Make your meals exciting with some of ABBY'S personal favorite recipes. 


BETTER ingredients. BETTER taste.

Abby's Better is dedicated to making healthy snacking easier for YOU! ALL of our products are as clean as it gets - HOWEVER - we never want to sacrifice taste for health. What's the fun in that? Abby created her snack products out of a desire for tastier options, and that is exactly what we intend to give you. 


We recently came up with this cool idea - what if we made the COOLEST and most FUN merchandise out there! We now have a variety of shirts, hats, and stickers available. Whether you're a Beatles fan (we like to say nut), a 007 nut, a lifting nut, or a Star Wars nut, we have stuff for you!


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"I never knew healthy, could taste so good!"

- Kelly Martin

"OMG... I can't stop eating it!"

- Francis Chan

"3 thumbs up. I couldn't say enough."

- Benedict Rebus