Honey Almond Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl - VG / GF/ P

Honey Almond Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl - VG / GF/ P

Here we go.. the most tasty, and fall-licious recipe yet!!!

      Now, I love anything potato (who doesn't?) Especially, when sweet potato is involved! They are so filling, so colorful, nutritious, and just overall brilliant. Even though most people think 'fries' when they think of potatoes - this food 'category', if you will, is actually quite versatile and can be used in a lot of different ways!

      You might have initially thought, when you saw this recipe, "Potato for breakfast?? Nah." But clearly, the delectable photo you saw intrigued you. Mission accomplished! because I know that when you try this recipe, you will NEVER look at a sweet potato the same... and you'll never go back:).

This Honey Almond Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl can fit pretty much ANY dietary restriction. You can make it Vegan, Gluten-free, Paleo, AND whole 30! So really, the recipe is up to your creativity; however, I am going to give you MY personal favorite bowl, as seen in the photo.



1 sweet potato
3 dates
2 tbs maple butter (Parker's Real Maple)
2 tbs Honey Almond
a handful of gluten-free pretzels
cookie the sweet potato till very soft. Peel skin off and place in serving bowl. Smash till creamy. top with dates, Honey Almond, maple butter, and gluten-free pretzels. That's it!

* if the sweet potato is not smashing well, try adding nut milk of choice. 


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