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Fruit Bundle

Fruit Bundle

Tastes like A fruity explosion
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This bundle is for all of our customers who love strawberries, blueberries, and coconut! These 3 flavors aren't just delicious, they are also PLANT-BASED, GLUTEN-FREE, PEANUT-FREE WHOLE 30 and PALEO!! This bundle comes with one of each...

  • Strawberry Cashew
  • Coconut Cashew
  • Blueberry Cashew

Simple Ingredients



Thickness & Consistency

Thickness: Varies with each flavor.

Consistency: Oil separation naturally occurs because we do not add emulsifiers to keep the nuts and oils together.

Simply stir the butter.

Do not drain the oil or you will have extremely dense butter.

If you are particularly bothered by this separation, simply store your jars upside down so the oil separates at the bottom instead.

*May contain shell fragments
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  • Abbys Better - Peanut Free


    Made in a peanut-free facility

  • Abbys Better - Plant Based


    Real plants, real flavors, real good

  • Abbys Better - Gluten Free & Non GMO

    Gluten-Free & Non-GMO

    All of the good, none of the bad

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  • Cindy B.

    "This is by far and without a doubt the BEST "nut" butter I have ever tasted. It takes willpower to not sit down with a spoon and eat the entire jar. Rich with spot on flavors, smooth and easy to digest. I'm anxiously awaiting my next order with some other flavors."

  • Allison

    "I swear this stuff is so good I could eat the entire jar in one sitting. I just ordered a different flavor, I’m sure it’ll be just as good. Much better than all the other nut butters out there!"

  • Nancy

    "I am so happy I took a chance and bought this stuff. It's not too sweet at all. I just received it and writing this review. Spooned it right out of the jar. I will definitely be buying more!"

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